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Racist Camwhore Seeking Attention and Anorexia [Friday
September 23rd, 2005 at 12:34pm]


"Trying to steal my disorders, my mood swings, my fucked upedness too?!"

You'd think, with a statement like this, that Mariah Carey has gotten a livejournal. Sadly, it's not her, or Tara Reid. At least they're marginally attractive. This is the plaintive wail of a 16 year old wannarexic named bitter_nothings. Also known as "Blaise". Maybe that's a typo for blasè. Because believe me, this little prostitot is posting her fugly ass on every "pro-anorexic" community on livejournal.

So delving further into the wonderful mess that it "Blaise", we find that not only is she the poster child for cosmetic surgery, but she also could use a few lessons in using her frontal lobe! Let's view some of her more prolific writings!

"This group of LOUD, obnoxious, black people were being way too melodramatic, and noisy. The police had to break them up. They were so annoying... heh. I couldn't help but to report them."
Let's get this out of the way now. She's a racist who's actually proud of that. She constantly complains about "annoying black people". This alone should be enough for a review, but there's so much more stupid in this girl's Nazi backpack that we don't even need to go here.

"Got in a big fight with Hailey. I hate that fucking bitch. Now I remember why I detested living with her. She is such a selfish, demanding, spoiled, psycho-bitch. Urgh."
Poor Hailey probably got sick of her fake diseases and cries for attention.

"Brandon ditched me to go hang out with some skanks that adore him at the play, and I fucking stuffed myself."
That's because you don't really have an eating disorder. You're just a silly little girl who's not getting attention, so you'll claim anything to get it. Count them kiddies! SEVEN self-diagnosed diseases. Seven. Apparently, she can't leave her house because emo alien clowns will make her eat a sandwich. While she's cutting. On her imaginary friend.

"We went to malls today and stole a bunch of shit. I mastered the art of taking censors of clothes today. I have pics at the end of most everything I got. "
Since she felt the need to brag about committing a crime on a public journal, I encourage someone to report her. Extra points if you are an "annoying black person". Or at a movie theatre. That would make my day.

I can't continue reading this crap. She's making my head hurt, and even after a shot of Tylenol, it's not getting better. So let's move on to her "eating disorder" she posts about in nine or so communities.

"No. Of course I couldn't start my fast without first having some dry cereal."
Does she ever post without mentioning eating?

"Yeah I always end up eating, but I'd rather feel guilty for a pice of bread rather than a whole fucking "meal". "
Can someone inform this twat that FASTING means NOT EATING?

"This morning for breakfast I had three pieces of toast. It started out with just one... and then ugh. Escalated. I just got in that mindset "If I were normal, this wouldn't be so bad..."
If you were normal, you wouldn't be pretending to have seven or ten diseases.

I could go on, but honestly, I don't think my brain can take it. I'm just going to stamp her R E T A R D E D and go on about my day.

Reality Review Rating:
- 1 point for every fake disease, and a star for racism!

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August 10th, 2005 at 10:27pm]

'Jesus loves you, but I don't' can't even apply here because xonex8xsevenx makes baby jesus cry with a mere weeks worth of posts.

Unfortunately for 16 year old Chloe, it's not only Jesus with the fatty hate:

"well i'm a fucking failure.
parents suck.
i'm failing ana this summer.
well. not failing. but i know i'm letting myself slide.
i can't help it though."

Even the AnA GOdD3SS!!1 hates this chica, the bmi twentypointthree (undoubtedly so high because of all the forcefeedings from the parentals. I know MY parents strap me down and feed me sausage when I'M at a normal weight for my height) M&M lover. Don't worry Chloe, the chocolate diet was specifically approved by the wana goddess YEARS ago, you're not 'sliding' at all!

However, while the wana goddess always prioritized userinfo color bars over actually fitting criteria, MKA banners and "Ana's Song" lyrics just don't cut it for anorexia nervosa. It's okay, though, xonex8xsevenx. I'm sure wanarexia can provide JUST as much love as you're seeking, even if it requires riding the short bus.
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Weekly Round-Up [Saturday
August 6th, 2005 at 1:58am]

broken_xx_wings dug up one of the biggest pieces of crap ever, and just FELL IN LOVE WITH IT! OMG!111!!

Here's how her letter should read:
Letter From Ana,
Blah blah blah. I'm some asshole sitting around pretending to be a disease. I will write dumb metaphors to how KEWLIEZ anorexia is, and even put cutesy names for it! I will make anyone who likes this tripe look stupid!
aNa ReXia, ur BFF liek TOTALLY!

My reply, which may get deleted:

Thank you for cutting and pasting this wonderful letter. We really needed written proof of how big of moron the author is, and how ignorant you are for copying it.

Anorexia is a disease. It's not your penpal. Cutesy names will not make it COOL. It's not a social club. We won't like you because you can find dumb letters and psalm and whatever the hell else. Go tell your mother you need friends, and stay away from crappy sites that have shit like that on them.

b_my_ana_buddy wants your sympathy, and a new gag reflex!
This journal may be a troll. It may be real. It may even be a head of lettuce, judging by the IQ. But let's "enjoy" an entry from her!

"i've been fasting since last tuesday and i was struggling on friday... i'm a purist when it comes to fasting, but i could NOT help myself."
I can help you. In three easy steps. Unplug your computer, go out back, and put yourself out of your misery.

"so what i did was- i didn't swallow."
I bet that guy wants his money back now.

"tasted some stuff right next to the garbage can."
Someone please tell her mother to keep Drano by the trash bin and we could be spared ever reading another entry again.

"chew, chew, chew, spit. if anyones thinking of trying this, i recommend having a glass of water nearby to rinse out calorie-tainted saliva and a toothbrush to scrub up your teeth."
Why don't you just NOT PUT THE FOOD IN YOUR MOUTH THEN! You're not smart, you're not achieving anything. You're a little garbage picking weirdo.

That's right kids. If you write letters from disease and chew garbage, YOU TOO CAN BE A COOL ANA!
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August 5th, 2005 at 11:54pm]

Give me meat! I'm hungry to shred someone.

Drop some links here for people for me to review!
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"Hello, 911pixie? It appears you have a stupidity emergency." [Thursday
July 21st, 2005 at 8:49pm]


I knew today would be an interesting day when I cracked open a fortune cookie and it said, "You will encounter ignorance, bear it with grace." So I tossed that out the window and decided to bear it with my usual cuntishness and write a review.

I bet you've all been sitting on the edge of your seats, waiting breathlessly for a community with no point, no substance, and no sense. Well, when you pass out from lack of oxygen, have someone call 911pixie! It won't save you, but you can get TOTALLY KEWLIEZ ANA TIPS!

Let's start at the info. The mods, (pixie911, neri_marie, courting_jester), have pooled their amazing brainpowers together and used that resulting 10 IQ points to write this prolific piece of information.

"Just need some place to talk. Have an ED. Bored.
If you have the mindset, you have the problem Don't let the disorder fool you."

If I have the mindset of a dyslexic baboon, I could probably figure out what the fuck these idiots are talking about. Don't let the disorder fool you? More like don't let these fools talk about disorders. Have a headache. Gone.

Moving on, they have a few rules for their prestigious community for Mary-Kate fans and wanarexics.

"All Anti-ana trolls who keep making insulting comments or posts will be banned."
In other words, anything bearing the remote bit of truth will be deleted. And anyone who's against "Ana" will be banned. I;ve found this mysterious ana they are always praising, and it seems like a fairly wonderful thing. Meet the embodiment of ANA!

All Nippon Airways!

That's right kids! The secret is out. More clever than the Kabbalah bracelet that is REALLY a secret sign, this company has brainwashed these girls into forming strange communites to bar anti-All Nippon Airways trolls from ever entering their ranks! Well done, girls!

"Do not argue with the mods. if we think the entry is inappropriate and we delete it, just let it be."
Translation: "We don't have the actual intelligence to debate anything,  so please just kiss our ass or we'll push that one button thingy on the page and like, totally ban you!"

If this wasn't enough to scare a rational person away, I actually joined this sorry sack of monkey feces and plowed into some entries. I had to scroll through at least seven of the DUMBEST questions ever posted. But here's my favourite wanarexic standard.
crazy_life_hp: "How much calories does walking burn off? Also, how much calories are in 16 oz. of Cappuccino?"
First off Einstien, it's HOW MANY CALORIES. Secondly, did you walk from your kitchen to the computer to post this stupid question, or three miles?  And how many calories are in cappichino? Here's your answer: this site. Hey! You can even burn .029320 calories typing it in.

And in typical fashion of these wonderful communities, here's the entry du jour, complete with MARY-KATE icon! OMGZ!11!!!
"as with everyone else here, i have this uncontrollable need to be skinny. i am willing to do anything, eat nothing, and exercise till i fall over.. cuz i will have to. i have about a month until i go to florida, and i will be small. 30 days doesnt seem like much, but if i exercise and eat under 300 a day, do u think i can lose about 20 pounds?
i weigh about 127 now and im 5'7. i would love to be under 110, like i used to be, especially for this trip. im off to exercise. i need to lose weight."

Do I really need to mock this? She wants to lose twenty pounds in thirty days. I'd suggest just cutting off her head... she's not using anything up there anyway.

I'd suggest just skipping this community all together. It's not really even entertaining to mock. Just your standard "aNa iZ KeWLieZ" club.

Reality Review Rating:
- Don't let the stupidity fool you!

Here's the post where they are informed. Bets on how long until it's BALEETED!!?!
Answer: It was up for a whopping 2 hours!

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Quickie! [Wednesday
March 9th, 2005 at 11:19pm]

This place is a mock within itself!
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Hotdog, we have a wiener! [Thursday
March 10th, 2005 at 5:49am]

My next subject: craving_perfect

I've been pretty thorough on this one, I even joined the damned community (which is where I'll be posting the stamp just before I quit).

Because they don't put it in the info, I feel that it is my duty to inform you of the mods.

We start of with ana_paige.
Her fucking NAME is "Anorexic Lifestyle". This should be enough, but she's ALSO a member of several MK communities. Basically the girl has "WANNAREXIC" stamped on her forehead.

Her most recent public entry?

"Fat Fat Fat Fat...I am So Fat. Well today i was doing good....i didn't go to school and i hadn't ate anything all day and then my brother came home and just started pigging out. And that just made me think, well i want something. So i ate something and i felt bad, so i purged. Then i was all happy inside again, and i started fixing dinner, and of course i am the taste tester, so today just sucked. I tried to tell my mom i wasn't hungry but she wouldn't listen to me. She always forces food on me. I hate parents sometimes. I hate food. I wish i had control over myself more. Oh well tomorrow will be better i hope. I am going to try to fast tomorrow. Wish me luck. Or atleast pray that my mom will buy the excuse that i ate too much, or whatever i use. <<333 -Ashley"

She states that she "just started pigging out" but then claims that her mother is the one making her fat by forcing food on her.

Next up, librarysluts.
Looking at her journal and info, we find only that she's a rating community whore and a fan of Andrew Lloyd Webber.
'Nuff said.
Oh, she's also a wanna be cur (for members of pro_scurvy)

Moving right along to mjblonde90210.
Uh oh! We have another MK fan!
Actually, her profile has nothing to do with EDs, though she lists chocolate as an interest, as well as a whole lot of pretentious bullshit.
Looks like she goes to UCLA. Watch out for those curly fries.

Finally we come to urb4n_x_c0wg1rl.
What is with these girls and Mary Kate?
This girl is apparently the most "real" person we will ever meet.
And yet, she needs rating communities to make herself feel big.

Now, onto the community itself...
THIS is why I felt that it belonged a place on this lovely community:
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

The required introductory post poses this question: "Ana? Mia? Both?"
Well girls, you have my FULL attention, now.

These are just a few of my favorites...

I have to say, that I'm beginning to like mono. Lol, but seriously, its shrunk my appetite so much. 2 days ago all I had for food was a mini slice of pizza (which dont worry, I dabbed off all the grease)

Does anyone have any tips on how to NOT eat. I seem to eat way to much when I'm hungry so is there any other thing that could possibly help take the place of it. I need to eat healthier.
Want to eat healthier? Here's a tip: Don't try to become anorexic.

How many crunches do you think you would have to do to burn 100 calories?
And THAT was a fucking MOD.

Community interests include:
"being beautiful" Sorry girls, wrong approach.
"being happy" Yeah, eating disorders CURE DEPRESSION!!!!!1111
"loosing weight" Get that weight good and loose, then it might go away on its own.
"Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen"
"Mary-Kate Olsen"
"mka" WHOA there, now THAT is fucking unhealthy.
"obsession" Yeah, with M fucking K.

Diagnosis: Unhealthy obsession with MK and complete ignorance on the subject of eating disorders.
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Update: pre-ana and pro-stupidity [Wednesday
March 9th, 2005 at 11:19pm]

It seems like our recently reviewed wanarexic, emowithoutagun not only stopped by to explain herself, but she brought an equally illiterate friend to jump to her defense. oh_no_its_bry was so jealous that her little friend got the spotlight, she worked up a lame comment and posted it not only in the review, but in my personal journal too. 

I decided since this was obviously a cry for attention, that I would make a whole new shiny entry for the both of them. Here's what I'd like to call.....poking the tards.

Let's start with emowithoutagun's response to her review. Don't expect coherency, she has no concept of spelling or punctuation. Maybe she really is anoretic; there wasn't a single period in the right place.
Dude, Get over yourself!Collapse )

And now, we have her brilliant little friend oh_no_its_bry. She's about two centimeters higher on the literacy scale, but she still spews the same trite nonsense. Don't bother going to her journal, it has nothing but a few posts whining about how depressed she is, nicely contrasted with a colour scheme that shows what diarrhea laden with Skittles would look like.
Grow the Fuck Up!Collapse )

That's all for now kids. I've got to get back to painting my imaginary upstairs room with scenes from emowithoutagun 's imagniary disease.
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I'm baaaaaack..... [Monday
March 7th, 2005 at 9:03am]

But just for this.

Today's subject: this_new_me

This girl and her community _not__today_ have been getting on my nerves for awhile now.

Lets start with the community info.
First off, she quotes the fucking Clueless soundtrack. This alone is reason to doubt her credibility, but then she goes on to give us this BEAUTIFUL banner:
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Not to worry, she suggests that anyone who wants to post it.
Somehow this picture of a piece of paper has attracted 266 members.
The interests, not surprisingly, include "advice", "ana", "negative calories", and "tips".

The community itself is full of such gems as these:
"before i say anything, i am ednos, but on the rules it said only ana or mia. i do both, is it ok if i am still here?"

"do you see the lovelies on americas next top model?"

So we can see, her mod skills are perhaps a little lacking. Of course, I must investigate.

Looking at this_new_me's info, we find out that she actually weighs 159lbs, down from 210. She sets an ambitious goal of 130lbs, though, and offers plenty of "thinspiring" quotes in her info.
"Why can't the realize my strength? How much it's taken to make so little of myself..."
So little, huh?
"But your taste still lingers on my lips like I just placed them upon yours
and I starve for you."
Ok, I don't really think that anyone can claim to be starving at 5'8" and 159lbs.
"Pain is weakness leaving the body."
Wait, isn't that a gatorade commercial?

Basically my problem here is that "overweight ana" is already a contradiction, but this girl who clearly ISN'T anywhere NEAR anorexic is encouraging others to develop eating disorders. She doesn't even attempt to stop people from asking for tips, in fact, she encourages it.

She must be stopped.

(As an ending note, I'd like to say that my next review will hopefully be of a much higher quality, but I'm sleep deprived (as always) and coming down from this weekend's activities.)
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i'm a fatass and i cut. whopee. [Sunday
March 6th, 2005 at 11:14pm]

Welcome to another wonderful episode of "Expose The Fake" with your host, Jello "The Sleuth" Lynn! On this show, we will present you one journal, and you will vote on whether it's fake or not. Also, Jello will be providing colour commentary on the action!

Today's suspected fake is: fatfrancine18!

The charge against her: Lying out her supposedly-boney ass and being a general twat.

Exhibit A: An intro post

Here we have our suspect posting a little bio and her stats. This includes such as claim as this:
Height: 5'10

And she's not even bothered by the fact she should be dead. In fact, she claims to exercise 3 hours a day. Anyone else picturing cardiac arrest?

"so. that's me. nothing interesting... i'm a fatass and i cut. whopee."
When creating a fake journal, it's important to cram as many cliches as possible into one entry. 

"ok i'm sick. just wanted to say hi... oh, and i'm not an ana-wannabe. cuz i'm already there... ha. ha."
Already where? I'm betting it should involve a padded room and some thorazine. 

"i'll post pics later... bye."

Who wants to bet that "later" will show up around the same time as the Easter Bunny?

Exhibit B: Her height changes, but her bullshit stays the same.

Now, she either grew 5 inches in a week, or she can't keep her stories straight

Height: 5'5
Current Weight: 87

I think it's safe to call bullshit on this one.

Reality Review Rating:
- So troll she's green
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"and I'm PRE-ANA now!" [Sunday
March 6th, 2005 at 11:14pm]

Welcome back to the train-wreck, boys and girls. Today's menu includes:

1 tic-tac
fruit drink
126 pounds of ANAOREXIC douchebag.

Want to know what this feast is celebrating? emowithoutagun's post in __anorexicpixie. In this gem, she "lets everyone know she's going back to ana.."

But it's not really her posts that make her a hardcore wanarexic. It's the comment to end all stupid comments.
your brain will now explodeCollapse )

Yeah. Can someone please tell me what the fuck "pre-ana" is? Is it like the first stage of pretending to have an eating disorder?

But wait! If you look at this post on her journal, she's not anorexic at ALL!

"LOTS have been going on for me.. I'm trying to gain weight, but I really don't want to. I just want to be back to a healthy level. I'm 127lb. SO I did gain a pound and I know it will stay on also"

I think she earned a giant "WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU THINKING?"

Reality Review Rating:
4/5 - I'm not a pathological liar, I just bought England today!
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January 27th, 2005 at 7:56pm]

exsanguinate, self-proclaimed "Anorexic Queen", seems to have a new problem. She's pregnant and strapped for cash to afford an abortion. Even though she shouldn't have been able to get pregnant in the first place, according to Something-Fishy.

"Having an Eating Disorder can increase your chances of never being able to get pregnant, and the longer you have an Eating Disorder, the higher the risk that you will face some type of fertility problems."

Providing the masses probably will believe her bullshit, she goes the route of typical webwhores and makes a lengthy post on why YOU should pay for it! Now, I know it sounded like such a good cause from her entry (note the sarcasm), but let's use her own responses to further drive home the wonderful virtues of giving an underaged skank money for an abortion!

continuedCollapse )
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Silver Silver DISAPPEAR! [Tuesday
January 25th, 2005 at 3:09pm]

Everyone meet silversilver! She has amazing powers, because she's lost 100 pounds in a mere month. Let's see what secrets this miracle worker has!

continuedCollapse )
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Trail Mix of Complete Nut(cases) [Sunday
January 23rd, 2005 at 10:19am]

[cross-posted from haha_anawanabes]

Since most of these journals make you join, lick a frog and bow to Princess AnaTits, I've declined to do so. Basicly, here's the responses I'd love this little twatwaffles to see. So join me, as I drink my chai tea (made with 2% milk) and eat potato chips, while pounding out this entry.
continuedCollapse )
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Stolen Icons????? [Friday
January 21st, 2005 at 12:48pm]

And now... I bring to light sexual_virus. That's right. Supposedly, it has something to do with stolen icons. Although the first thing I see is a picture of something that resembles the left-overs at the AIDS clinic. So far, things are NOT looking good.

dead_pink is the corpse in question, who looks quite like she's caught her own virus, and hasn't got around to making the icon for it. Her partner-in-crime, babygirl8381, also looks like she's had a few rounds with Mike Tyson and the ugly stick, in more ways than one.

I skimmed through the community, and despite all the condoms and corpses, it is just an icon community. Sad. I thought I found the perfect teammate for the Anaclub.
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Crotch Wedgie? [Friday
January 21st, 2005 at 12:31pm]

Ok. So I'm probably only doing this because I got to say crotch wedgie. Moving forward.

Let's welcome spazingchild to our wonderful club of less-than-stellar kids. Why is she being reviewed?

"I HAVE to lose this weight!! I'm killing myself with food"
So she decides to become EDNOS/ANA! Yes we have another WINNER! </sarcasm>

"i freakin hate this oh my god!!! i'm such a fat cow!!"
Is there some "How To Make An Ana Entry" guide somewhere? A script? Because it seems like every gum-snapping wannabe is spewing it forth.

"i ate a slice of pizza with ranch, cheese cake, juice and a doughnut i purged afterwards....but i can still feel it all in my stomache...why wont it come out??"
Because your body is designed not to blow chunks, dipshit. Sometimes nature protects the stupid from themselves.

"I hate stupid people that think they are so awesome and think that everyone should bow before....she is stupd and she has all the guys falling over her."
Jealousy is a bitch. But just think... YOU'RE ANA NOW! Soon you'll be able to show her! You can call her "
retarted" to her face, with your brittle nails, loss of hair, and chronic halitosis!

And now to my personal favourite....
Ok. Now that I'm done laughing my ass off.... HOW HUGE DOES YOUR CROTCH HAVE TO BE TO EAT YOUR GODDAMN PANTS???!

I'll leave you to ruminate on that amonst yourselves.

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"It's a lifestyle that I'm willing to die for" [Friday
January 21st, 2005 at 12:14pm]

Yes, that's right. Anorexia is a LIFESTYLE, like veganism and punk rock. And soon to follow will be the cancer style, maybe chemosexual?

Today I'm reviewing </font>this site</font> . It's run by "</font> Lena Camilla Benbow</font> ", as found further into the site. She's apparently 16 years old, and has had an eating disorder since she was 13. Her main site is under </font> Ananeverdies</font> .

But it's her Anorexia page that make me want to stab her with a THIN stick. (Get it? THIN!!!) She has the run-of-the mill content, although it doesn't make it less WEIRD. Try the "Ana Creed"....


"I believe that I am the most vile, worthless and useless person ever to have existed on this planet, and that I am totally unworthy of anyone's time and attention. "
So go out and make a website proclaiming your information to the whole internet. Don't worry cupcake, no one will notice....

"I believe that other people who tell me differently must be idiots. If they could see how I really am, then they would hate me almost as much as I do."
Do I really have to comment on who I think is the idiot here?

Moving forward... let's check out the "Ana psalm".

" Strict is my diet. I must not want. It maketh me to lie down at night hungry. It leadeth me past the confectioners. It trieth my willpower. It leadeth me in the paths of alteration for my figure's sake. Yea, though I walk through the aisles of the pastry department, I will buy no sweet rolls for they are fattening. The cakes and the pies, they tempt me. Before me is a table set with green beans and lettuce. I filleth my stomach with liquids, My day's quota runneth over. Surely calorie and weight charts will follow me all the days of my life, And I will dwell in the fear of the scales forever "
In the name of the fatter, the bun, and the Holy Toast. Yeeesh. Eat something, you won't pray like Anna Nicole at Krispy Kreme.

The guestbook, however, is by far the most amusing part of the site. Here's some of the "highlights" (and dim-witted)

"i LOVE being ana!! everybody who is against it is a FAT PIG!!"
Or trying to cope or recovering from a DISEASE.

"Stop spreading your shit on young girls with mental disorders you sick fat fuck. Why don't you kill yourself? In a few weeks, you'll weigh a hell off a lot less and probably be more attractive."
Well, at least he/she has the right idea....

And thankfully, she has copywritten the phrase, "I'm never alone, for Ana's always with me ©". Maybe that will keep other stupid mall chicks from joining the aNaCLuB!!!

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"i have a life other then ana" [Wednesday
January 19th, 2005 at 2:53am]

This is how </a></font></b></a>exsanguinate, the self-proclaimed Anorexic Queen defends herself calling people "fatties". In her entry here, she writes a poem about how thin, weak and ravaged by her "ana" she is. Then, she posts a picture of a normal, healthy girl. Speculation has it, it may not even be her picture.

Some of her best quotes include:

"Because some dump people like yourself revolve EVERYTHING around being "thin" while I actually have other shit going on in my life too.So bow down to your queen and scuttle away."
Yeah. I hate "dump" people too. They just poop a lot. And last time I checked, anorexia does cause a person to focus EVERYTHING on being thin. Here's the definitions so you can study up.

"fucking fatties."
This is her standard reply to anyone who offers a statement other than kissing her slightly-chubbed ass.

"god you people ar efucking retards who actually take this seriously."
Ignoring the obvious typos, she accuses people of taking anorexia seriously. I wonder if she punches AIDS patients on the arm and tells them "Lighten up! You're taking this too seriously!"

Here's an excerpt from her poem, with my suggested edits in parenthesis:
Flesh stretches over my protruding bones,
(protruding? I couldn't even see them.)
Joints forced the wrong way,
(yeah. You keep forcing them to type this shit.)
But beautiful nonetheless;
(again, I hate when poetry gives people the "artistic lisence" to lie outright.)
A feather drifting as an art form.
(this isn't an artform. This is bad goth poetry recycled from 1995. All hail the Cure!)

And now onto the actual interaction. She appears to delete all comments she doesn't like (read: anything involving reality.).
continue the reviewCollapse )
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"I'm a model but I haven't been able to sign to an agency...." [Tuesday
January 18th, 2005 at 2:51am]

"I think that dropping about 18 to 20 pounds will make me more desirable to agencies."

So it appears an aspiring model is asking for diet tips. Well, instead of recipes for low-cal soups, she's learning about our newest diet... ANOREXIA!

"I was bulemic for about a summer and it was ruining my teeth...and I can't have that."
Oh no, your teeth?! Good thing you quit. Because I'm sure the ruptures in your esphogus, the ulcers and everything else would've been fine. But we MUST save your teeth!

"So I'm looking into very strict dieting/anorexia."
Because you know, Bally's is offering their new Anorexia/Yoga weightloss package. It comes with a free Mary-Kate Olsen gym bag.

While this girl's entry isn't that amusing, the comments that follow are.
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