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Update: pre-ana and pro-stupidity

It seems like our recently reviewed wanarexic, emowithoutagun not only stopped by to explain herself, but she brought an equally illiterate friend to jump to her defense. oh_no_its_bry was so jealous that her little friend got the spotlight, she worked up a lame comment and posted it not only in the review, but in my personal journal too. 

I decided since this was obviously a cry for attention, that I would make a whole new shiny entry for the both of them. Here's what I'd like to call.....poking the tards.

Let's start with emowithoutagun's response to her review. Don't expect coherency, she has no concept of spelling or punctuation. Maybe she really is anoretic; there wasn't a single period in the right place.

"WEll.. When I was at the doctor he said I'm pre-ana, which is on the vurge of anorexic."
I tried to decipher what this meant. The doctor said she's pre-ana? I highly doubt that, how would she be on the verge of anorexia? You either fit the criteria or you don't. I don't know why she's so convinced that she's pre-ana.

"AND I thought just like them.. I thought I was fat."
I don't know who "them" are, the doctor? Her friends? The CIA?

" Dude I shouldn't have to explain myself. becuase you are just one of the most ignorant people that are on here.. I mean you get off by people saying their ana so you can have a smartass thing to say about them."
No sweetie, I get off on midget porn and dancing unicorns.

"Its because you have no life and have to comment on your fucking LIVEJOURNAL you probably can't wait to get home to make fun of people!"
Ok. So I have no life but I have to get home? This makes no sense. 

"I write dumb shit in my LIVEJOURNAL becasue I don't care what people thing..."
Well, at least she agrees it's dumb and her posts are full of shit. But hey, who cares what people thing?

"So why don't you hurry up to your room, take out your razor and paint your room red! HURRY!!"
I can't hurry up to my room. It's on the ground floor. And using a razor to paint my room sounds sort of dumb. I'd be more apt to use a paint roller, or brush. And also, red's not a very good interior colour.

"I think deep down inside you want to kill yourself so you have to make fun of other people you DON"T even know so you can kinda feel better about how your sorry loser ass is."
Sorry, Dr. Fraud. I don't want to kill myself. I actually have a wonderful life. Unlike you. I've noticed your boyfriend doesn't love you, and every post in your journal is about how miserable your life is. Maybe you're pre-suicidal?

"You are probably a slut that can't get a guy cause you have no tits, no ass, and probaly no looks,"
This is the only thing she's right about. I can't get a guy, because I have a wonderful fiance, sickestgirl. But the only time she actually had something right, she went and fucked it up. How can I be a slut if I'm too unattractive to get someone?  I wonder if this girl ever makes sense. I pity her family.

"no thats right you don't have any looks your an ugly bitch that thinks that the computer is her only savior."
Wait... isn't there where she's supposed to say, "Have you accepted the lord Jesus as your savior?". This isn't an insult, this is a prelude into the Mormon religion.
And it's not MY ugly bitch. Maybe she should pause for a moment and learn the difference between YOUR and YOU'RE.

"I did suffer from anoreixia, but I got out of it by doctors help so don't fucking say I wasn't because I don't think you were in the room when they told me I was that.. So fucking get a life!"
So if you got out of it, why are you posting in pro-anorexic communities?
Oh right! Because you're a little whiny emo kid with no friends and a face like a can of smashed assholes. You have no life outside of pretending to have a disorder so you can make people pity you. 

And now, we have her brilliant little friend oh_no_its_bry. She's about two centimeters higher on the literacy scale, but she still spews the same trite nonsense. Don't bother going to her journal, it has nothing but a few posts whining about how depressed she is, nicely contrasted with a colour scheme that shows what diarrhea laden with Skittles would look like.

"what the fuck gives you the right to post that about somebody

I wasn't aware that the 1st admendment wasn't a right. You know, the one about free speech?

"She has been struggling with anorexia for a while now and at least she wants to get better."
If she's wanting to get better, why is she posting in pro-anorexic communities?

"Shut the fuck up and get lives."
Oooh oooh! Can I get a spiffy one full of angst, whining and depression like yours? I heard you got that one at K-Mart.

"Obviously you have a lot of problems so you pick on others about theirs."
No, I pick on ignorant people on the internet who post stupid things. And you know why? Because it's funny.

"what are you now? in kindergarten"
Aside from the fact it looks likeemowithoutagun typed this for her, this is by far my favourite comment. Did anyone else notice the irony of her accusing me of being in kindergarten while using a retort most of us left on the recess yard? I'm still waiting for one of them to reply with "I know you are, but what am I?".

That's all for now kids. I've got to get back to painting my imaginary upstairs room with scenes from emowithoutagun 's imagniary disease.
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