Jello (industrikitty) wrote in reality__review,

"and I'm PRE-ANA now!"

Welcome back to the train-wreck, boys and girls. Today's menu includes:

1 tic-tac
fruit drink
126 pounds of ANAOREXIC douchebag.

Want to know what this feast is celebrating? emowithoutagun's post in __anorexicpixie. In this gem, she "lets everyone know she's going back to ana.."

But it's not really her posts that make her a hardcore wanarexic. It's the comment to end all stupid comments.

2005-03-06 18:53 (link)
Well NO SHIT. I was ANAOREXIC! I had to go to the doctors and such and they made me eat! So I gained weight! and I'm PRE-ANA now! learn your facts and Going back to that is easy... YOu just stop eating and waahla you got it..

Whatever though.

Yeah. Can someone please tell me what the fuck "pre-ana" is? Is it like the first stage of pretending to have an eating disorder?

But wait! If you look at this post on her journal, she's not anorexic at ALL!

"LOTS have been going on for me.. I'm trying to gain weight, but I really don't want to. I just want to be back to a healthy level. I'm 127lb. SO I did gain a pound and I know it will stay on also"

I think she earned a giant "WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU THINKING?"

Reality Review Rating:
4/5 - I'm not a pathological liar, I just bought England today!
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She's so stupid it sounds like she's joking...x_X God I pray she is!
I just had to say what a huge fan I am of yours. I adore comedy in any form and you often make me smile. Plus, I'm pretty confident that one day I, too, shall post something so absolutely moronic I may be ripped apart by you.

I'm serious, by the way. I'm a comedy hobbyist (?). Uh, I guess that means I keep saying I'll hit the amatuer circuit and don't; I'm a master procrastinator. Regardless, I'll always raise a glass to one more witty than myself.
Thank you very much. You may be interested to know that we're looking for two new writers. You might want to check out the latest post.
Me too, I'm going back to ana too. Well, i haven't technically *left* her, but I decided to eat in front of my family all week cause they are having a cow over me being ana and i Knew that if I devoted some time to eating in front of them this past week that they would ease up on me a lot. So, starting tomorrow AM, it's hardcore fasting time ! Yay...GOD i can't wait to get back in the swing of things. Hey our Goal Weights are the same, but you're a little closer than me right now. Lucky!! LoL. LoL well i guess I *am* a half inch taller, LoL. Take care, stay strong, much love!

reading coments like this while binging makes me wanna give up all hope that these dipshit will ever get it.
She even left her phone number so we can help her with her pre-ana quest!
OMG where?
what the fuck gives you the right to post that about somebody

She has been struggling with anorexia for a while now and at least she wants to get better.

Shut the fuck up and get lives.

Obviously you have a lot of problems so you pick on others about theirs.

Grow the Fuck Up!

what are you now? in kindergarten
Actually, I picked on your friend because she's a pathetic douchebag.

And what give me the right to post? Because I can, cupcake.
WEll.. When I was at the doctor he said I'm pre-ana, which is on the vurge of anorexic. AND I thought just like them.. I thought I was fat. Dude I shouldn't have to explain myself. becuase you are just one of the most ignorant people that are on here.. I mean you get off by people saying their ana so you can have a smartass thing to say about them.. Its because you have no life and have to comment on your fucking LIVEJOURNAL you probably can't wait to get home to make fun of people and you are on the computer every fucking day.. thats really pathetic!! truely it is! I write dumb shit in my LIVEJOURNAL becasue I don't care what people thing.. and to me.. your just one of those little termites in wood that no one cares about but all they want to do is smush you because your just a pest. So why don't you hurry up to your room, take out your razor and paint your room red! HURRY!!

I think deep down inside you want to kill yourself so you have to make fun of other people you DON"T even know so you can kinda feel better about how your sorry loser ass is.

You are probably a slut that can't get a guy cause you have no tits, no ass, and probaly no looks, no thats right you don't have any looks your an ugly bitch that thinks that the computer is her only savior.

Dude, Get over yourself!


Ps. I did suffer from anoreixia, but I got out of it by doctors help so don't fucking say I wasn't because I don't think you were in the room when they told me I was that.. So fucking get a life!
OMG. It's like you're looking into my e-eyes and reading my e-soul!
yah I was pre-ana once, now i'm post-ana...

I'd like to meet this professional doctor using the term "ana"
OMG the doktor liek totally uses it ALL the time! He said Mia was Ana's bestest friend!
So why don't you hurry up to your room, take out your razor and paint your room red! HURRY!!

best zing ever!