Jello (industrikitty) wrote in reality__review,

"and I'm PRE-ANA now!"

Welcome back to the train-wreck, boys and girls. Today's menu includes:

1 tic-tac
fruit drink
126 pounds of ANAOREXIC douchebag.

Want to know what this feast is celebrating? emowithoutagun's post in __anorexicpixie. In this gem, she "lets everyone know she's going back to ana.."

But it's not really her posts that make her a hardcore wanarexic. It's the comment to end all stupid comments.

2005-03-06 18:53 (link)
Well NO SHIT. I was ANAOREXIC! I had to go to the doctors and such and they made me eat! So I gained weight! and I'm PRE-ANA now! learn your facts and Going back to that is easy... YOu just stop eating and waahla you got it..

Whatever though.

Yeah. Can someone please tell me what the fuck "pre-ana" is? Is it like the first stage of pretending to have an eating disorder?

But wait! If you look at this post on her journal, she's not anorexic at ALL!

"LOTS have been going on for me.. I'm trying to gain weight, but I really don't want to. I just want to be back to a healthy level. I'm 127lb. SO I did gain a pound and I know it will stay on also"

I think she earned a giant "WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU THINKING?"

Reality Review Rating:
4/5 - I'm not a pathological liar, I just bought England today!
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