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The Girl Anachronism

I'm baaaaaack.....

But just for this.

Today's subject: this_new_me

This girl and her community _not__today_ have been getting on my nerves for awhile now.

Lets start with the community info.
First off, she quotes the fucking Clueless soundtrack. This alone is reason to doubt her credibility, but then she goes on to give us this BEAUTIFUL banner:
Image hosted by
Not to worry, she suggests that anyone who wants to post it.
Somehow this picture of a piece of paper has attracted 266 members.
The interests, not surprisingly, include "advice", "ana", "negative calories", and "tips".

The community itself is full of such gems as these:
"before i say anything, i am ednos, but on the rules it said only ana or mia. i do both, is it ok if i am still here?"

"do you see the lovelies on americas next top model?"

So we can see, her mod skills are perhaps a little lacking. Of course, I must investigate.

Looking at this_new_me's info, we find out that she actually weighs 159lbs, down from 210. She sets an ambitious goal of 130lbs, though, and offers plenty of "thinspiring" quotes in her info.
"Why can't the realize my strength? How much it's taken to make so little of myself..."
So little, huh?
"But your taste still lingers on my lips like I just placed them upon yours
and I starve for you."
Ok, I don't really think that anyone can claim to be starving at 5'8" and 159lbs.
"Pain is weakness leaving the body."
Wait, isn't that a gatorade commercial?

Basically my problem here is that "overweight ana" is already a contradiction, but this girl who clearly ISN'T anywhere NEAR anorexic is encouraging others to develop eating disorders. She doesn't even attempt to stop people from asking for tips, in fact, she encourages it.

She must be stopped.

(As an ending note, I'd like to say that my next review will hopefully be of a much higher quality, but I'm sleep deprived (as always) and coming down from this weekend's activities.)
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