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Hotdog, we have a wiener!

My next subject: craving_perfect

I've been pretty thorough on this one, I even joined the damned community (which is where I'll be posting the stamp just before I quit).

Because they don't put it in the info, I feel that it is my duty to inform you of the mods.

We start of with ana_paige.
Her fucking NAME is "Anorexic Lifestyle". This should be enough, but she's ALSO a member of several MK communities. Basically the girl has "WANNAREXIC" stamped on her forehead.

Her most recent public entry?

"Fat Fat Fat Fat...I am So Fat. Well today i was doing good....i didn't go to school and i hadn't ate anything all day and then my brother came home and just started pigging out. And that just made me think, well i want something. So i ate something and i felt bad, so i purged. Then i was all happy inside again, and i started fixing dinner, and of course i am the taste tester, so today just sucked. I tried to tell my mom i wasn't hungry but she wouldn't listen to me. She always forces food on me. I hate parents sometimes. I hate food. I wish i had control over myself more. Oh well tomorrow will be better i hope. I am going to try to fast tomorrow. Wish me luck. Or atleast pray that my mom will buy the excuse that i ate too much, or whatever i use. <<333 -Ashley"

She states that she "just started pigging out" but then claims that her mother is the one making her fat by forcing food on her.

Next up, librarysluts.
Looking at her journal and info, we find only that she's a rating community whore and a fan of Andrew Lloyd Webber.
'Nuff said.
Oh, she's also a wanna be cur (for members of pro_scurvy)

Moving right along to mjblonde90210.
Uh oh! We have another MK fan!
Actually, her profile has nothing to do with EDs, though she lists chocolate as an interest, as well as a whole lot of pretentious bullshit.
Looks like she goes to UCLA. Watch out for those curly fries.

Finally we come to urb4n_x_c0wg1rl.
What is with these girls and Mary Kate?
This girl is apparently the most "real" person we will ever meet.
And yet, she needs rating communities to make herself feel big.

Now, onto the community itself...
THIS is why I felt that it belonged a place on this lovely community:
Image hosted by

The required introductory post poses this question: "Ana? Mia? Both?"
Well girls, you have my FULL attention, now.

These are just a few of my favorites...

I have to say, that I'm beginning to like mono. Lol, but seriously, its shrunk my appetite so much. 2 days ago all I had for food was a mini slice of pizza (which dont worry, I dabbed off all the grease)

Does anyone have any tips on how to NOT eat. I seem to eat way to much when I'm hungry so is there any other thing that could possibly help take the place of it. I need to eat healthier.
Want to eat healthier? Here's a tip: Don't try to become anorexic.

How many crunches do you think you would have to do to burn 100 calories?
And THAT was a fucking MOD.

Community interests include:
"being beautiful" Sorry girls, wrong approach.
"being happy" Yeah, eating disorders CURE DEPRESSION!!!!!1111
"loosing weight" Get that weight good and loose, then it might go away on its own.
"Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen"
"Mary-Kate Olsen"
"mka" WHOA there, now THAT is fucking unhealthy.
"obsession" Yeah, with M fucking K.

Diagnosis: Unhealthy obsession with MK and complete ignorance on the subject of eating disorders.
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