Jello (industrikitty) wrote in reality__review,

Weekly Round-Up

broken_xx_wings dug up one of the biggest pieces of crap ever, and just FELL IN LOVE WITH IT! OMG!111!!

Here's how her letter should read:
Letter From Ana,
Blah blah blah. I'm some asshole sitting around pretending to be a disease. I will write dumb metaphors to how KEWLIEZ anorexia is, and even put cutesy names for it! I will make anyone who likes this tripe look stupid!
aNa ReXia, ur BFF liek TOTALLY!

My reply, which may get deleted:

Thank you for cutting and pasting this wonderful letter. We really needed written proof of how big of moron the author is, and how ignorant you are for copying it.

Anorexia is a disease. It's not your penpal. Cutesy names will not make it COOL. It's not a social club. We won't like you because you can find dumb letters and psalm and whatever the hell else. Go tell your mother you need friends, and stay away from crappy sites that have shit like that on them.

b_my_ana_buddy wants your sympathy, and a new gag reflex!
This journal may be a troll. It may be real. It may even be a head of lettuce, judging by the IQ. But let's "enjoy" an entry from her!

"i've been fasting since last tuesday and i was struggling on friday... i'm a purist when it comes to fasting, but i could NOT help myself."
I can help you. In three easy steps. Unplug your computer, go out back, and put yourself out of your misery.

"so what i did was- i didn't swallow."
I bet that guy wants his money back now.

"tasted some stuff right next to the garbage can."
Someone please tell her mother to keep Drano by the trash bin and we could be spared ever reading another entry again.

"chew, chew, chew, spit. if anyones thinking of trying this, i recommend having a glass of water nearby to rinse out calorie-tainted saliva and a toothbrush to scrub up your teeth."
Why don't you just NOT PUT THE FOOD IN YOUR MOUTH THEN! You're not smart, you're not achieving anything. You're a little garbage picking weirdo.

That's right kids. If you write letters from disease and chew garbage, YOU TOO CAN BE A COOL ANA!
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