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Racist Camwhore Seeking Attention and Anorexia

"Trying to steal my disorders, my mood swings, my fucked upedness too?!"

You'd think, with a statement like this, that Mariah Carey has gotten a livejournal. Sadly, it's not her, or Tara Reid. At least they're marginally attractive. This is the plaintive wail of a 16 year old wannarexic named bitter_nothings. Also known as "Blaise". Maybe that's a typo for blasè. Because believe me, this little prostitot is posting her fugly ass on every "pro-anorexic" community on livejournal.

So delving further into the wonderful mess that it "Blaise", we find that not only is she the poster child for cosmetic surgery, but she also could use a few lessons in using her frontal lobe! Let's view some of her more prolific writings!

"This group of LOUD, obnoxious, black people were being way too melodramatic, and noisy. The police had to break them up. They were so annoying... heh. I couldn't help but to report them."
Let's get this out of the way now. She's a racist who's actually proud of that. She constantly complains about "annoying black people". This alone should be enough for a review, but there's so much more stupid in this girl's Nazi backpack that we don't even need to go here.

"Got in a big fight with Hailey. I hate that fucking bitch. Now I remember why I detested living with her. She is such a selfish, demanding, spoiled, psycho-bitch. Urgh."
Poor Hailey probably got sick of her fake diseases and cries for attention.

"Brandon ditched me to go hang out with some skanks that adore him at the play, and I fucking stuffed myself."
That's because you don't really have an eating disorder. You're just a silly little girl who's not getting attention, so you'll claim anything to get it. Count them kiddies! SEVEN self-diagnosed diseases. Seven. Apparently, she can't leave her house because emo alien clowns will make her eat a sandwich. While she's cutting. On her imaginary friend.

"We went to malls today and stole a bunch of shit. I mastered the art of taking censors of clothes today. I have pics at the end of most everything I got. "
Since she felt the need to brag about committing a crime on a public journal, I encourage someone to report her. Extra points if you are an "annoying black person". Or at a movie theatre. That would make my day.

I can't continue reading this crap. She's making my head hurt, and even after a shot of Tylenol, it's not getting better. So let's move on to her "eating disorder" she posts about in nine or so communities.

"No. Of course I couldn't start my fast without first having some dry cereal."
Does she ever post without mentioning eating?

"Yeah I always end up eating, but I'd rather feel guilty for a pice of bread rather than a whole fucking "meal". "
Can someone inform this twat that FASTING means NOT EATING?

"This morning for breakfast I had three pieces of toast. It started out with just one... and then ugh. Escalated. I just got in that mindset "If I were normal, this wouldn't be so bad..."
If you were normal, you wouldn't be pretending to have seven or ten diseases.

I could go on, but honestly, I don't think my brain can take it. I'm just going to stamp her R E T A R D E D and go on about my day.

Reality Review Rating:
- 1 point for every fake disease, and a star for racism!

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